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In Penrith, the issue of termite infestation has always been the “talk of the town”. Termites can easily reach your wooden furniture and wooden pieces and hence should be controlled immediately. At Pest Control Penrith, we have industrial-grade and proven techniques to control and remove termites. Reach us on 02 3813 8559 for service queries, service inquiries, and avail of more benefits. Furthermore, with years of experience, our Termite Control Penrith experts have excellent knowledge about termites’ nature and the best techniques that will eliminate termites in a very short period.  

Safe Termite Control Inspections and Treatments Across Penrith   

The verified professionals at Pest Control Penrith, make a move with safe termite control inspection. Standard quality equipment will be used to inspect the hidden termites and source of termites, making way to your home. Moreover, the termite treatment chemicals, techniques, solutions, and chemicals we use are again human-friendly. However, we offer our incredible termite inspections and termite treatment services for Penrith regions and nearby regions too.  

Advantages of Hiring Termite Controllers

  • Better Experience: The professional termite pest control team possesses quality experience. At the same time, the professional termite controllers, also know termites’ nature and know well how they should be handled? 
  • Standard Tools and Solutions use: Professionals use superior-grade tools and solutions to treat termites. On the other hand, they have quality knowledge to make use of the tools perfectly. As a homeowner, you may lack the usage knowledge of such tools, and chemicals and lead to further problems. 
  • Saves Efforts and Time: The professional termite solution team also helps in saving efforts and time. By handling your termite treatment tasks to professionals, you can take care of other chores with the saved time and effort. 

Avail of the Best Termite Control Services at Pest Control Penrith 

  • Residential Termite Control/Removal: We offer world-class termite and pest control activities for all types of residential properties. Small flat, rental flat, bungalows, or cottage. Hence, we also make sure the safety of the residences is maintained. In addition, your family and pets will also be protected. Also, reach out to our team for 365 days at the end of lease pest control service too. 
  • Commercial Termite Control/Removal: Now, we also deal as a commercial termite exterminator. Our charge for commercial termite control service is highly reasonable. Additionally, we offer on-time action for all commercial sectors of Penrith including the nearby suburbs.  
  • Pre-purchase Termite Inspection: Termites are very difficult to excavate once they are detected. Thus, you need to make sure your property is free of termites and protected against them. Therefore, we offer the pre-purchase termite inspection service with accurate details. Our Termite Control Penrith experts will ensure that you get the termite-free property at the best rates. 
  • Emergency Termite Control/Removal Service: Our termite removal team will break the termite barrier that keeps your safety and hygiene at bay. Reach out for our trusted termite control or removal service for 365 days. Get the appointment booked with 24 hours availability. Our Termite Control Penrith professionals are also flexible to attend you on weekends and public holidays.  
  • Same Day Termite Control/Removal: Once our clients book the appointment with us, we offer them the confirmed schedule. On the other hand, we operate on the same day of booking the appointment. We care for your safety and won’t allow you to fight the tricky termites and harm yourself. So book our Termite Control Penrith services and get same-day elimination of termites. 

What are the most common signs of Termite Infestation? 

  • Mud Tubes: Mud tubes are one of the most common signs that indicate the termite’s existence. The mud tubes are mostly visible on wall corners. Also, these mud tubes can be found on trees or woody plants in your garden or backyard.  
  • Damaged Wood: You will observe that the wooden piece or any wooden furniture will be eaten up. At the same time, you will observe the small external holes. The termites tend to produce heavy and coarse. Additionally, the eaten part of the wood also starts producing hollow noise when tapped. 
  • Termite Droppings: Termite dropping is also known as ” frass” that are mostly found on the entry points. Termites tend to leave their droppings inside the wooden structure that may not be visible to you easily. At times, termites also tend to leave behind sawdust-like droppings. 
  • Wood Tunnels: Wood tunnels can be detected inside the broken wood or in the area infested with timbre. Hence, the professional detects the hidden wooden tubes with the help of infrared detectors, electronic odour detectors, etc. 

Highly Convenient and Safe Dead Pest Removal Service for You and Your Family 

Handling the pests can be very hazardous, be it live or dead pests. Here we are offering you a highly reliable and cost-friendly dead pest removal service. Indeed, the dead pests can leave behind and transmit fatal viruses. Hence, this can be problematic for you. At Pest Control Penrith, we will handle the dead pests with utmost care. The chemicals and sanitizing solutions we use are also of superior quality. Our dead pest removal actions are 100% safe for you and your family too. 

Get the Best Reasons to Trust and Appoint the Pest Control Penrith: 

  • Experienced Company: Pest Control Penrith is an experienced brand for termite protection. Our Termite Control Penrith service is phenomenal and serves various commercial and residential sectors of Penrith. 
  • Flexible Services: Yes, we are flexible to work for 365 days and 24*7 hours. You can reach out to our team at your convenient timings and we will attend to you at your doorstep. On the other hand, we are also active on weekends and national holidays. 
  • Budget-friendly: Our termite treatment cost and termite protection cost are budget-friendly. We believe in offering the best at minimal rates. Be it any type or size of the property, we offer clear and budget-friendly estimates to all. 
  • Industrial-grade Tools: Industrial-grade tools have always been our specialty. We use the superior quality tools that a professional termite removal needs. Our tools and solutions are safe for both residential and commercial spaces. 


1. Is annual timber pest inspection important? 

The timber pest inspection is important to be conducted every 12 months. On the other hand, the inspection needs also depend upon the rate of risk of the particular area. 

2. Is your termite treatment safe for my family? 

Yes, the termite treatment we use is free from any toxic substance. Our treatment is completely safe for you, your family including pets. 

3. How do termites enter my home?  

Termites can enter your house through small holes or openings. They can also make their way to your home via mud tunnels or timber.

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